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How to Make Money Stuffing Envelopes

You've probably seen the advertisements time and time again. In your local newspaper, online, or even in the back of work at home magazines too. The ads say you can stuff envelopes and make lots of money right from your own home, right? Most of them say you'll make a dollar for each envelope you stuff, there's no limit, and all supplies are provided. So if you want to stuff 500 envelopes a day, you can make $500 a day doing so.

Sounds fantastic doesn't it? Yes it does, but there are some things about stuffing envelopes to make money that you might want to be aware of. First of all, it's a scam. Here's how it works.

You send $1 to the address listed in the ad. Since it's such a small amount of money, you probably just stuff a dollar bill in there instead of writing a check. Within a few days or weeks, you'll get an envelope back from them. And the envelope contains all the instructions you need to start making money from home by stuffing envelopes.

The instructions are usually in the form of just one sheet of paper. The paper tells you to do something like this:

  • Make copies of this sheet of paper.

  • Place advertisements in your local newspaper which say exactly what the ad did that you responded to.

  • Place advertisements every where else you can think of, including the internet, which say the exact same thing the ad that you responded to did.

  • Soon thousands of envelopes will start being delivered to your door with little one dollar bills in them, along with self addressed stamped envelopes so you don't have to buy any supplies.

  • Stuff one of the copies of this piece of paper into the envelope provided and send it back to the person who sent you the money.
Now the scenario varies from time to time, but this is the one seen most often. Some similar types of envelope stuffing scams might tell you to send $3 or $5 instead of just $1, and sometimes the instructions might be slightly different, but the end result is the same. You're supposed to spend money placing advertisments - and sometimes these advertisements are very expensive by the way - to trick other people into thinking you're going to give them a job stuffing envelopes.

And that's why it's a scam, because it tricks people. When you sent away for the information, you were under the impression you were going to get a job that let you stuff and mail envelopes to make money from home. And while technically you would be doing that, it is most definitely not a job, and it's illegal to boot.

The stuffing envelopes scam falls under the United States postal service chain letter laws. If the post office or other areas of the United States law enforcement find you're doing this, you can face many years in jail along with extremely stiff financial penalties.

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